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Book your online video consultation today. Our services, accessible from anywhere in the UK, provide you with professional medical advice and e-prescriptions in the comfort and privacy of your chosen location. We take pride in our commitment to maintaining your privacy and ensuring all our services are delivered by doctors (GPs) registered with the General Medical Council (GMC).

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Main Categories

We offer patients a range of different specialist appointments conducted via our GPs.

Each section enables users to book either a video consultation or request specific medications using our prescription-based questionnaire service, without the need to see a clinician.

Please choose your preferred consultation type from one of the categories below:

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What Makes DrOnline Different

A Dedicated Concierge Service

Our admin team will provide a dedicated aftercare service following your consultation. Enabling prescriptions and/or referrals to be organised in a timely manner to your preferred provider.

Health professionals who care seriously

Our Doctors are regularly audited to ensure the highest standards of care, and are up to date with UK based Safeguarding Training.

The comfort and versatility of video consultation

Speak instantly to a GP in the comfort of your home, through any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Support is available between 9am - 5pm Mon-Fri

Our support team is available and ready to help, This can be via our Chat, Whatsapp, Email, and telephone.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. After booking and payment confirmation you will receive a link to access our virtual attending room at the scheduled time, where the doctor will start the video consultation.

No. The video call is made through the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone, without the need to install any programme or app. You will only have to authorise the use of the camera and microphone when you join the video consultation.

To confirm your video consultation you must make the payment before the consultation, by debit or credit card.

Our Clinicians registered with DrOnline are handpicked , and appropriately certified by the General Medical Council.

We aim to offer fast access to a UK based GP for anyone wanting to discuss a wide range of clinical concerns. However, being an online-only service, we suggest anyone who has an acute illness (e.g., chest pains, severe shortness of breath) or a condition that would need a face-to-face examination should reconsider and find an alternate provider. Please note that we do not offer treatment for any dental concerns or infections. Additionally, we provide services for adults only (age 18 years and above) and ask that people do not book on behalf of their children. If you have any queries, you can always discuss them with one of our dedicated admin staff

The NHS also gives good advice on their website to decide if you should attend A&E

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