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We offer a questionnaire based prescription service, without the need for video consultation. Treatments are based upon UK approved best practice.

Pick from one of the lists of medications offered including the dosage. We offer standard amounts as per UK guidelines, to ensure prescriptions are reviewed at appropriate intervals.

Fill in your contact details and complete all the pages of your chosen questionnaire as accurately as you can.

One of our GPs/Pharmacists will review your answers carefully, to ensure the requested  medication can be prescribed safely. You will then be notified of an outcome.

  1. Your prescription has been accepted and you will receive an email code from our partner Signature Rx. Which you can take to most UK pharmacies, to redeem your medication (NB private charge for each script is payable to the pharmacy)
  2. Your request has been declined, our clinicians will either offer an alternative medication or suggest you complete a video appointment to discuss things in more detail.

These services are for non-acute conditions, if you are unwell please seek urgent medical attention via 111/999 if life threatening emergency

If you would rather discuss your concerns with a clinician directly please feel free to book one of our video consultations where the doctor can review your history and if appropriate, prescribe your requested medication.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a natural condition, and is usually hereditary. This can have an impact on younger or older men.

The impact of hair loss on individuals can vary, ranging from mild to significant emotional and psychological distress. It is important for individuals experiencing hair loss to seek medical advice for proper diagnosis and treatment options. Please see the NHS, and Patient UK leaflets for more information

The first indicators of male pattern baldness are when your hairline starts to recede and if the hair on the sides and top of your head start to look thin.

If you are a smoker or consume above the recommended limit of alcohol per day, this may worsen the condition.

Hair is grown from the follicles on your scalp, these are tiny pouches under the skin. The cells in the scalp convert the hormone Testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone. The affected hair follicles become more sensitive to this hormone causing them to shrink .

It is usually hereditary, from your mother or father’s side of the family. 

There are many causes of hair loss and this can include cancer treatments, illness, stress or a vitamin deficiency. In these situations, your hair growth should return to normal after you are over the illness or stress. If you have any further symptoms along with hair loss, you are advised to book a Men’s health Consultation with one of our GPs or your local GP.

Our online services are for male pattern baldness only.