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Men's health services provide specialised medical care for men, including preventive screenings, prostate health, testosterone management, sexual and reproductive health, mental health support, cardiovascular care, cancer prevention, and lifestyle counseling.

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There is still a large health inequality gap between men and women in the UK, with men being found to be 32% less likely than women to visit a doctor. Here at DrOnline we endeavour to offer easy access to one of our trusted GPs.

We offer a range of services tailored to Men’s Health issues. Choose between a video consultation or questionnaire-based prescription service.

DrOnline offer video appointments with one of our GPs with specialist interest in Men’s Health. They will take a detailed history of your concerns and formulate a shared management plan, including prescribing medication, referral for bloods, imaging or onward to specialists

Some of the common consultations include hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation but can be tailored to any concerns you may have

Or choose our questionnaire-based prescription service, whereby you can request your desired treatment, our clinicians will review your answers and prescribe you the most appropriate treatment without the need for video consultation.

For all our services we provide a dedicated concierge after care service. Following your Video appointment, they will answer any queries you may have, and organise any further tests or referrals with one of our trusted providers. Our bespoke service ensures we guide you through your patient journey seamlessly, without delays