Corporate Health Screens

A cost-effective, convenient, evidence-based medical screen which can be done from the comfort of your own home.

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Your health and wellbeing is your most valuable commodity.

Health Screening Program

Our Health Screens offer a Comprehensive Health Check giving you peace of mind.

  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol and Triglycerides
  • Iron profile
  • Thyroid
  • Liver function
  • Kidney function
  • Vitamin B12 and D
  • Protein levels

Price starting from £199* Speak to our friendly team for more information.

* Pricing dependant on number of employees

Key Advantages of our Screening Program

The Personal Touch

Our GP's will give you the time and space with a dedicated 30 minute appointment to go through your results and any questions/ concerns you may have. As well as arrange any further tests/referrals you may need.


Say goodbye to the financial drain caused by irrelevant tests or doctors visits. Our screens can be done fully remote and from home. Ensuring costs are kept low and uptake is high from employees due to its convenience.

Evidence-Based Services

We adhere to a strict evidence-based approach, ensuring every medical service included in your program holds substantial clinical evidence of its efficacy, hence driving real value for your investment.

Boosted Employee Wellbeing

Early detection and prevention are key to fostering a healthy workforce.  Our focused medical services not only enhance the well-being of your employees but also significantly contribute to reducing absenteeism and boosting productivity.

Simple, easy to understand results

After your appointment with the GP you will receive a Health Report detailing your results and a summary of your discussion with the doctor in an understandable way.

Organisational Productivity

Reap the benefits of a healthy workforce with an increase in wellbeing and productivity across teams. Our Program is not just a health initiative but a significant step towards achieving optimal operational efficiency.

Our process

Streamlined health screening process made simple

1Initiate the Process

To begin the journey to enhanced health, employees simply send an email to our dedicated address at We will contact you to discuss your personalised employee package.

It all starts with a simple click.

2Receive Your Home Test Kit

We swiftly send out a Home Test Kit to the employee's provided address.

It's a convenient way to kick-start the health screening process from the comfort of home.

3Rapid Results and Personalized Consultation

Within 48 hours of receiving the completed home test, our Concierge Service swings into action.

We'll contact the employee to schedule a video consultation with one of our experienced doctors.

During this comprehensive session, we delve into the medical questionnaire and go over the results of the blood tests in detail.

4Comprehensive Health Report

Following the video consultation, a comprehensive health report is prepared, detailing the results and providing valuable insights.

This report is then sent directly to the patient, ensuring they have all the information they need for a proactive approach to their health.