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Self Referral Video Consultation

For Adults (18+)

Our referral consultation offers a specialised service for obtaining referral letters. Connect now for a video call with our GMC Registered GPs.
The letter will be sent same day by email.
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About this service

This service is confidential, allowing you to discuss your needs directly with our online Doctor. Our GPs assess your situation and provide the appropriate documentation, which includes:

  • Referral letters for specialist consultations or further investigations.

Dr.Online offers Video Appointments with a trusted GP online. The online doctor will take a detailed history of your concerns.

As with all our video consultations you will be emailed a Pre-Consultation Questionnaire which includes your ID verification upload. Completing this will enable our clinicians to review your answers prior to your consultation.

For all our services we provide a dedicated Concierge Aftercare Service. Following your appointment, they will answer any queries you may have, and organise any further tests or referrals with one of our trusted providers. Our bespoke service ensures we guide you through your patient journey seamlessly, without delays.

FAQs regarding this service

To schedule this Consultation, select a suitable appointment slot from the available options in the calendar. The Online GP will consult you by Video call.

Your GP is often the first person you speak to when you have a health issue or symptoms you’re worried about. If your GP thinks you need to see a specialist, they can write a letter of referral to a specialist explaining your condition and your medical history. Referrals are recommended to ensure you receive the right care at the right time.

If a referral to specialist is required this letter will be sent to you via e-mail. After your consultation a member of our concierge service will contact you to discuss these with you. They will arrange a suitable date/time for you and explain how and where they will be completed. 

You will be asked if you would like the details of your consultation to be sent to your GP surgery. You are not required to consent to this, however it is best practice for this information to be shared so your surgery are aware of any medical conditions/ treatments etc that you have had done.

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