Non Discrimination Policy

Policy document updated 1st November 2023

DrOnline Ltd, at its core, is an open, diverse community that brings together individuals from various cultures, values, and norms.

Our community is committed to creating a world where people of all backgrounds feel welcomed and respected. This commitment is based on two fundamental principles that apply to both Patients and Providers at DrOnline: inclusion and respect. Our shared commitment to these principles enables every member of our community to feel welcome on the DrOnline platform, regardless of who they are, where they come from, their beliefs, or whom they love.

While we do not believe a company can dictate harmony among people, we do believe that the DrOnline community can promote empathy and understanding across all cultures. We are dedicated to doing everything in our power to help eliminate all forms of prejudice, discrimination, and intolerance from our platform. We aim to foster a culture within the DrOnline community — Providers, Patients, and those considering using our platform — that goes beyond mere compliance. Therefore, all of us at DrOnline, including employees, Patients, and Providers, agree to read and act in accordance with the following policy to strengthen our community and realize our mission of ensuring everyone has the right to belong and to feel welcome everywhere.

Inclusion – We welcome people of all backgrounds with authentic hospitality and an open mind. Joining DrOnline as a Patient or Provider means being part of a community of inclusion. Bias, prejudice, racism, and hatred have no place on our platform or within our community. While Providers are required to adhere to all applicable legislation that prohibits discrimination based on factors such as race, religion, national origin, and others described below, we are committed to doing more than just meeting the minimum requirements established by law.

Respect – We respect each other in our interactions and encounters. DrOnline acknowledges that local laws and cultural norms vary across the world and expects Providers and Patients to respect local laws and engage respectfully, even when perspectives may not reflect their beliefs or upbringing. Members of DrOnline bring an incredible diversity of experiences, beliefs, and customs to our community. By bringing together people from different backgrounds, DrOnline fosters greater understanding and appreciation for the shared traits of all humanity and denounces prejudice rooted in misconceptions, misinformation, or misunderstandings.

Race, Color, Ethnicity, National Origin, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, or Marital Status

DrOnline Providers must not:

  • Refuse a consultation based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status.
  • Impose different terms and conditions based on these characteristics.
  • Make any statement that discourages or indicates a preference for or against any Patient based on these characteristics.

Gender Identity

DrOnline does not assign a gender identity to its users. We recognize that an individual’s gender is that which they identify with and/or define in their user profiles, and we expect the DrOnline community to do the same. This includes respecting the pronouns (he/him, she/her, they/them, etc.) any community users identify with.

DrOnline Providers must not:

  • Refuse a consultation based on gender identity.
  • Impose any different terms or conditions based on gender.
  • Make any statement that discourages or indicates a preference for or against any Patient based on gender.

Age and Family Status

DrOnline Providers must not:

  • Impose any different terms or conditions or refuse a consultation based on the age of the Patient or their family status, when prohibited by law.


DrOnline Providers must not:

  • Refuse a Patient based on any real or perceived disability, except where it may be prohibitive for carrying out the consultation.
  • Refuse to communicate with Patients through the accessible means available.