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Coming Soon: DrOnline Weight Loss Service

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of DrOnline UK's bespoke weight loss service. Alongside this announcement, our page features a BMI calculator to help you determine your eligibility for our programme. Users with a BMI outside the normal range are encouraged to register their interest.

Our exclusive service will offer a range of advanced injections, including Wegovy and Mounjaro, alongside comprehensive GP and nutritional support throughout your weight loss journey, to ensure you feel confident and informed every step of the way.

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Cutting-Edge Treatments

Hailed as a ‘game changer’ in obesity management, these medications have demonstrated remarkable results. Research indicates that over 15 months, Wegovy users experienced an average weight loss of 15%, provided they followed a calorie-controlled diet and exercise regime. In contrast, the placebo group saw only a 2.4% reduction. These promising results underscore the potential effectiveness of our bespoke weight loss service.

What to Expect from Our Service

Our service includes a pre-screening questionnaire to assess your suitability for treatment, followed by expert guidance. You will have appointments with our SCOPE-trained GPs to discuss medications, diet, and exercise tailored specifically to your needs. Additionally, you will benefit from holistic support from nutrition coaches helping you establish sustainable lifestyle changes and addressing the risk of weight regain after discontinuing injections.

Convenient and Ongoing Support

For your convenience, medication will be delivered directly to your door. Furthermore, our ongoing care includes monthly GP follow-ups to adjust dosages and address any queries or concerns you might have. We are committed to supporting you throughout your weight loss journey with our concierge service available throughout the week to answer any queries

Register Your Interest Now

Do not miss this opportunity! Register your interest now, and our team will send you more information and offers as soon as our service launches. Use our BMI calculator to check if you qualify for the service. You are encouraged to apply if your BMI is outside the normal range. Prepare to embark on your weight loss journey with DrOnline UK!

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